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This is on heavy stock water color paper, and is mix of ink, color pencil, stamps, and a chop stick holder.


Simple and stunning

Where Eagles Dare, around 25

This thing is unreal, both sides are done up with stamps, ink, stencils, color pencil, and whatever else Thom could find.

This creative rubbing from a tattoo stencil features a skull, snake&rose, and a really clear Indian chief design. This piece is a little more “precise” than most of Thom’s rubbings.

Creative Rubbings from Tattoo Stencils

Black Flash: This rubbing features two stencils: a dagger through a rose and the eagle vs. snake, it is stamped with the Gotham Tattoo 1978, and signed with the “new” A. $300 13″x20″


Buying art work from Thom deVita is not very tricky, there are currently 2 ways of doing it. The first is to send Thom a money order for $530.00 US(for all orders in the 48 contiguous states) and he will send out a portfolio consisting of 3 original pieces of art on paper, as well as the portfolio itself completely adorned with a mix of stamps, stencils, ink, and anything else Thom sees fit.  The second is to contact to purchase the work you see here on this blog.  Shipping costs vary, and there is a handling fee due to the fact that I have to travel to Thom to get the work.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.